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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Finally picking up the pieces of her life after a violent attack, Kelsea Sawyer is ready to take her life back. At 21, she’s suffered more in her life than most could ever imagine. Leaning on her friends, she finds herself falling for the one man she may never have a future with.

The blood staining his hands means nothing to Everett Blake. He’s taken more lives than he cares to admit, but holds no regret. After helping his best friend recover from a vicious attack, he finds himself wondering what life with someone by his side could really be like.

When the consequences of Everett’s past come to collect, will he be able to keep Kelsea safe? Or will the nightmares that haunt them both rip them apart?

This novel contains content intended for a mature audience only. Due to explicit language, graphic sexual situations, detailed depictions of violence, and other possible triggers, reader discretion is advised.

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