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Aurora Harding is an angel, perfection personified.

The queen of my soul, invader of every thought I ever have.

They tell me I’ll ruin her. That the evil that saturates my soul will taint her forever.

But they don’t see the little hellion that hides beneath her gorgeous smile.

If they only knew, she’s the one who ruined me.


To everyone in this town, Jason Negan is a monster.

The thing mothers warn their children about, a wildfire waiting to consume me.

They’re not wrong, but I’m a willing victim.

I want his darkness and strength, his chaos and confusion.

I want this man to raze me to the ground and dance on the ashes.

Tell Me No is Book 3 in the Grovewood Ink series, an age-gap romance. This book can be read as a standalone, however the experience will be enhanced by reading the previous books in this series. 

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